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Hey there!

Big thanks for journeying to Mojo's! We're bummed we missed you, but here's the lowdown: when the rain and sun shine May to September, our doors swing open every day. In the cold blues and greys of October to April, we're serving up coffee vibes five days a week. You can always count on us to be open on Saturdays and Sundays unless there's an illness, emergency, or an unexpected elephant stampede. Find the latest scoop on our hours by checking out Google Maps. Curious about our unique business style? Keep scrolling down!


our style

Mojo's Coffeehouse adopts a distinct business style influenced by the unique nuances of mountain living in Ouray. Things have always moved at a slower pace around here, and in the colder months, business throughout town drops dramatically. Additional challenges of a heightened cost of living post-COVID and a resulting limited employee pool (more frankly, a diverse and healthy community) are characteristic of struggles businesses face in this mountainous community.


To accommodate these shifts, Mojo's transforms into a one-person operation during the slower month with owner Heather Toth lovingly operating the coffeehouse five days a week.

Navigating these challenges as a micro, woman-owned business demands flexibility. It means recognizing that a strong desire to spend time with nature, unforeseen events, opportunities of service emergencies, or metaphorical "elephant stampedes" necessitate adjustments to plans from time to time.

For those inquiring about Mojo's hours, Google Maps consistently provides accurate and up-to-date information.

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