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Did you realize that Ouray sustains a population of approximately 800-900 residents throughout the year? It's quite a modest number. However, once summer arrives, our quaint mountain enclave sees an influx of hundreds of thousands of visitors! Here's a glimpse into how we operate:


We're small-scale, much like our town. We're not a corporate entity, a conglomerate, or a giant enterprise. The revenue generated from this venture supports our livelihoods, covers our expenses, contributes to college funds, takes care of our beloved shop dog, and ensures we can provide for our families. This isn't a casual endeavor; it's solely sustained by your support for us. Want to contribute to our sustainability by partnering or buying in? Reach out to us!

That said, you may be here because you want to know: Why on Earth are you closed?  Keep in mind the info above as you read about several reasons why we may be closed:

  1. long term rentals are non-existent due to second + third home owning, increased cost of living, etc. and as such, it makes staffing incredibly difficult. last we checked, those who can afford to buy a 1 million + home don't need or want to work in a coffee house.

  2. we may have run out of product.

  3. we're waiting on a crucial coffee!

  4. our tiny staff is sick or needs to go to an appointment that can only be made during open hours.

  5. the dog threw up on literally everything and needs an emergency vet visit.

  6. we need a day off so we can recharge.

  7. the espresso machine took a day off (rare, but this has happened)

  8. a bear broke in. (hasn't happened yet, but totally could)

  9. and finally, despite this being our bread and butter (coffee and cream?) and our livelihood, we have always prioritized our needs, our families, and the needs of our staff over being open. it is what makes us unique in the business world. 


Our vibe is calm efficiency, and our Jo is worth the wait, and we hope that when you make it in to see us, you can breathe and finally, truly relax. We like to embody the mountain vibes, and encourage you as a visitor to join us in slowing down. Take in the views. Chat with those in line. Give Kali a pet. And know that when you make it through our line, and finally reach the cash register, we will take extremely good care of you, by acknowledging you for the human you are, and welcoming you to Ouray with love and coffee. 

Speaking of coffee, when it comes to crafting it, we take pride in serving the finest brew in Ouray. Achieving the perfect espresso shot requires attention to bean variety, grind, freshness, roast, atmospheric conditions, tamping pressure, and a few other variables. Occasionally, we may need to tweak one or more of these factors to ensure your shot is just right. So, if you see us discard a shot and pull another, or a few more, rest assured, it's all part of the process!


Steaming milk is an art form as well. We aim for a precise temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit, which enhances the sweetness of the milk and guarantees optimal drinkability. You won't have to wait to enjoy your perfectly heated latte; it's served at the ideal temperature! It's also why we can make pretty latte art.


We don't accommodate requests for "light ice," and here's why: Firstly, reducing the amount of ice alters the drink's liquid ratio, affecting the taste. Our recipes are meticulously crafted based on the ice content. Secondly, less ice means more product, which could necessitate higher prices to maintain profitability. We lack a standardized method to adjust prices across all our recipes. Lastly, less ice leads to quicker melting, resulting in a diluted beverage. Simply put, asking for light ice is akin to requesting a taller drink at a bar and expecting extra liquor for the same price as a regular drink. Perhaps a chain coffee shop is better equipped to fulfill such requests?

Returning to our small-scale operation: while our shop and our operation may be small, our commitment to environmental stewardship is enormous. Hence, we extend a $1.00 discount when you bring your own cup (yes, you read that correctly!), making our drip coffee the most affordably priced in town at $2.19 after tax ($3 if you opt for self-payment). Additionally, we exclusively offer oat milk due to its significantly lower environmental impact compared to other alternative milks. We acknowledge that this may disappoint a small segment of our clientele for both taste and dietary reasons, but we hope for your understanding that we can't always accommodate every preference in every circumstance.

Want to know more about why we do how we do? Send us an email at




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