Mug Club

Being a mug club member gives you the ULTIMATE satisfaction of buying in to your home grown coffee shop, bragging rights, a super cool mug, AND online drink ordering privileges, only available to Mug Club members, plus all the benefits listed below. Just imagine: no lines, no waiting, just click, and get coffee! Or tea! Or snacks!

  • Self serve coffee always a buck-$300 value

  • Discounted brew refills @ half a buck- -$180 value

  • Your very own mug and mug home at Mojo's. You can take it home, or leave it here (<---what we recommend!) and it's yours FOREVER.- $18.00 value

  • Free cup Friday! One free cup of brewed coffee. -$52 value

  • Half off hump day! Half off coffee and tea drinks on Wednesdays -$182 value

  • Birthday gift- $10 value

  • Access to special events-PRICELESS



That's a whole latte value (Har har) and it only costs $175 per year...that's only $14.60 a MONTH. SO. CHEAP. But SO much value.

There are only 25 spots available for 2020 though, so if you want to buy in, and pick the mug you love, you better get in touch. This is a sweet deal, and you ain’t the only one get on it! Visit our Facebook page or swing by the shop to check out the mugs!


Our first #mugclub starts February 1st, 2020 and ends February 1st 2021.


For the love of coffee, tea, and snacks,

Mojo's Coffee Chai & Teas in Ouray, CO