On writing

Updated: Nov 5

Hey Mojo's Fans,

It’s time to get back to writing. It’s a way I can practice the strength of vulnerability, and a way I can connect with you. I’ve been hiding from writing because of how vulnerable I can’t help but to be when I write...and I’ve hit some traumatic bumps in my life that left me feeling deflated and defeated. I became too shadowy to offer up balanced reflection. I was scared of how what I wrote would be received. I was scared of myself, scared of you, scared of my community.

It took a good long time to come back around to my human self. This self is compassionate but also does not care what others think of her. This self is powerful and a soft place. This self is confident and humbled. This self goes into the world with love, knowing it can take her out at any time because that’s what Mamas do. This self trusts intuitive hits, trusts the ground beneath her feet, trusts that love is the most powerful force. This self is full of integrity. This self is a critical thinker. This self is perfect in its imperfections. This self has ideas on how I can help foster connection because this self hurts, bearing witness to the deep and painful divisions between us.

So, here I go. Join me, if you’d like. You are welcome.