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We just love coffee!

Our shop is located in a historic building in beautiful Ouray Colorado, fondly known as "The Switzerland of America"​. Formerly a saloon and brothel, the building that is now home to Mojo's was built in 1882. You will find our yellow house with red trim easily as we are located directly across from the community center. 6th Avenue is a literal wildlife highway. We have a live camera on the front and sides of our building, and we consistently capture wildlife on these cameras-everything from foxes to mountain lions! We post these wildlife captures on our Instagram, so be sure to follow us @mojosouray



We have the best.

We carefully source our coffee from Colorado and beyond to provide you with an exceptional coffee experience. As baristas, we are well trained in the art of shot pulling and milk steaming. We know the difference between a macchiato, latte, and cappuccino and we care deeply about the journey of coffee and the humans who make it happen. By bringing knowledge, ethics, and our love of coffee toegther, we are able to provide you with a damn fine cup of Jo that you can feel good about. 

Environmental Conciousness
We love our mother.

Everything we do is with Mother Earth in mind. We strive to be conscious of our effect on the environment and make choices to minimize our footprint. We encourage the use of reusable cups via a cUpcharge for paper cups. We use pasta for coffee stirrers. Our bottled water is in aluminum and not plastic. We reuse and recycle. For our catering services, we only use reusable options like our airpots. We plan to donate to land conservation causes in 2021 and will continue to make efforts to minimize our environmental impact. 

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Supporting Artists

Earth without art is just eh.

We believe in the power of art to inspire, connect, provoke thought, and bring joy. Nearly all of our retail products come from small businesses and are created by artisans who support their livelihood with their creations. Our books are from a small publishing house that still creates zines and handmade books. Our mugs are made by local potters, and we currently feature work by Ally Bloom with Mountain Dog Arts. The paintings on our walls are created by Skylar Sprague, a multi-media artist who is also a member of UpstART, Ouray County's only professional theater company. Coffee is life, but art makes it better!

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