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Ouray's coziest coffeehouse, Mojo's Coffee is nestled on 6th Avenue, across from the community center. Our historic building has seen it all – from its days as a lively saloon to serving as a church, a community center, and even the Women's Club of Ouray headquarters. It's a house that holds countless stories, each more captivating than the last. We serve delicious, carefully sourced, Colorado roasted coffee, Colorado blended teas, cozy and filling baked goods, and breakfast burritos. We feature a rotation of local artisans of a variety of mediums and offer our "Living Room" cafe space to local non-profits for meetings, and creatives for a gathering space. As you stroll through the picturesque streets of Ouray, keep an eye out for our unmistakable red mug sign on the East side of 6th Avenue, and our neon coffee cup beacon that shines bright like a guiding star.


Worth the wait.

We want to provide you with an exceptional experience when you visit us. As baristas, we are well-trained in the art of shot pulling and milk steaming, and we take time to ensure that everything is right...because good things take time. We know the difference between a macchiato, latte, and cappuccino and we care deeply about the journey of coffee and the humans who make it happen. Our espresso setup allows us to make micro-adjustments to accommodate atmospheric changes, a variety of roasts, and origins of beans. When you see us pull a shot more than once for your drink, it's because we're striving to pull the perfect shot, just for you. By bringing knowledge, ethics, and our love of coffee together, we are able to provide you with a damn fine cup of Jo that you can feel good about. Want to learn even more about us? CLICK HERE.


Everything we do is with Mother Earth in mind. We strive to be conscious of our effect on the environment and make choices to minimize our footprint. We hook you up with a DOLLAR OFF when you bring your own cup. We use pasta for coffee stirrers. Our bottled water is in aluminum and not plastic. We reuse and recycle. For our catering services, we only use reusable options like our airpots. We compost ALL of our coffee grounds, any herbs used in our syrups (after a good rinse, of course) and are always seeking to give more than we take.

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We believe in the power of art to inspire, connect, provoke thought, and bring joy. Nearly all of our retail products come from small businesses and are created by artisans who support their livelihood with their creations. We've featured the following local and local(ish) artists in our shop: 

Mountain Dog Arts, Skylar Sprague, Ally Bloom Creative, Sandstone Snail, and more. Coffee is life, but art makes it better!

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